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Home Renovations in Bath

A premier choice for home renovations in Bath, NKJ Foster Building have decades of experience in transforming homes into excellence and elegance. We understand that a home is where the heart is and reflect the personality and characteristics of you and your loved ones. Each project our skilled team of professionals embark on is designed completely uniquely to your vision to turn your house into a dream home.


Whether you want to upgrade your kitchen, take on a loft conversion, redesign your bathroom, create an open-plan extension or revamp the exterior of your home, our impressive portfolio of services ticks every box. At NKJ Foster Building we apply our skills in architecture, design and craftsmanship to each aspect of your renovation with our specialist knowledge that gets the job done all under one roof.


From your first consultation, we’ll take on board your requirements, specifications, budget and time frame to plan an efficient and effective course of action for the renovation project. We’ll meticulously execute each stage whilst keeping the channels of communication open to ensure that you’re happy with the progress being made. Client satisfaction is of utmost importance to us and we pride ourselves on the versatile yet dedicated services that we provide for both modern and contemporary homes alike.

Professional Builders in Bath

When looking to take on a renovation project it’s important to bring on board a company that cares and that has a handle on house renovation costs and administration. We’ll supply an honest and transparent quotation with regard to the renovation work and will investigate what planning permission is required so that you don’t have to. At NKJ Foster Building we bring a professional approach to every task carried out and deliver exceptional results for small and large-scale projects alike. We’re committed to bringing out the best of your home with our dedicated transformations using our skillset across a variety of specialisms in the building industry.

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Quality Home Renovations in Bath

There are a number of reasons that landlords or homeowners would like to invest in a property to renovate or refurbish for generations to come. Whether that’s to extend the size of the property to accommodate more family members or tenants, or the aspiration of increasing the value of the home, we ensure that our bespoke service is there to make this possible. We pride ourselves on hand-selecting the finest products made from high-quality materials to suit your budget, and use the latest techniques to achieve a premium finish that is durable and creates great first impressions.

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Why choose NKJ Foster Building & Groundworks?

When it comes to house renovations in Bath, NKJ Foster Building take complete building control of the project which takes away the hassle and stress of sourcing external contractors and suppliers. We’re a cost-effective means to any house renovation project as we save money for our clients by utilising our vast range of skills that enables all building work to be carried out by our qualified, fully trained and experienced team. As well as house renovations we provide foundation services with groundwork and those finishing touches such as paving, driveways and resurfacing. Speak to our dedicated team who will be able to provide a quotation and in-depth suggestions about what steps are best to take for your home renovation. 

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